Top 10 Website Mistakes

Top 10 Website Mistakes When Creating A Website

Top 10 Website Mistakes

Avoid common website mistakes that can impact your websites success. Many people have the wrong notion that making money from websites is as simple as 1,2,3. Just buy a domain name, install WordPress, and wait for the money to be deposited to your bank account. What they don’t understand is the consistent hard work necessary for maintaining a site.

Here is a list of 10 common website mistakes that you must avoid when creating your own website:

Top 10 Website Mistakes You Should Avoid To Maximize Your Chance Of Success

1. Not giving importance to the site’s design and theme – Let’s face it, people want to visit blogs that are beautifully designed. The layout does not only represent your personality, it also encourages readers to focus on your content and other important parts of the site.

2. Not setting a realistic budget for building the website – If you really want your site to achieve a professional look, you will have to expect higher expenses on labor costs. You will have to hire the best web designer, content provider and virtual assistant who can meet your expectations.

3. Not going live as soon as possible – There is no need to wait until your website is perfectly finished for Top 10 Website Mistakes Waitingyou to go live. You can continue on updating your site as the number of visitors increases.

4. Slowing down after going live – Even if the theme of your website is all set and ready for public viewing, it doesn’t mean that your hard work is over. On the contrary, it is the beginning of SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns. You need to boost your ranking in Google top results.

5. Not using SEO techniques – Even if you are not an expert in optimizing websites, you can simply install a special SEO plugin to your site to make things easier. This can save you lots of efforts and money too.

“Not Using SEO Tools is one of the biggest website mistakes, because you won’t be found in search engines!”

6. Lack of focus to customers – They are the most important asset of your online business. Without them, it is quite impossible to continue operating the company.

7. Not using CMS (Content Management System) – Although HTML is good, nothing can beat WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla when it comes to running a website. WordPress is particularly famous to developers because it gives them plenty of opportunities for customization and development.

Top 10 Website Mistakes Copyright8. Lack of copyright statement – Ensure that your content is protected from spammers by placing an updated copyright statement in your sidebar or footer.

9. Unnecessary widgets – Do not clutter your site with visitor counter, flag counter, and other things that only make your website appear unprofessional. Instead, use Google Analytics or Alexa for accurate measurement of traffic.

10. No call to action invitation – At the end of your blog posts, do not forget to invite the readers or visitors to click on your affiliate links. Internet marketers call this “call to action”. You can ask your followers to subscribe to your newsletter or place their order on your products and services.

People have different views and opinions about the things that you must avoid when establishing a website. These are the basic errors that you should not commit. Be careful of common website mistakes that can be the reason why your website isn’t successful. Avoid the mistakes that small business owners are doing and boost your traffic!

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