How Search Engines Work

How Do Search Engines Actually Work?

Plenty of businesses undertake SEO without really understanding how it all works – they simply throw their trust into the lap of their online marketing agency.

There are many agencies that offer internet marketing in Washington D.C., New York, Seattle and most other parts of the country. In fact, there are online marketing firms working right across the globe. As with any industry, there are good companies and bad companies – it’s just a matter of finding one you can trust!

If you’ve chosen a reputable agency then you don’t necessarily need to understand SEO in great detail – however it doesn’t hurt to at least understand the basics.

“How do search engines work?” is a commonly asked question; this article seeks to answer it as simply as possible.

The function of a search engine

To understand search engines, it’s best to start with the basics. Search engines are designed to perform two main functions:

  • Crawling websites and building an index
  • Providing internet users with a ranked list of results in response to a search query

Crawling and indexing sites

The internet is essentially a massive collection of documents (web pages, PDFs, JPGs, etc.) connected by a pathway of links.

The search engine crawlers use these links to reach all of the information cyberspace has to offer – think of it as a huge network of stations, connected by pathways. The crawlers need these pathways to reach each and every station.

When the crawlers find a site, they ‘read’ all of the information it has to offer – storing certain parts of it to draw on later when needed for a search query. This information is stored in giant data centers around the globe, allowing search engines to provide users with instantaneous results.

Providing answers to search queries

When you enter a search query, the search engine draws on stored information to produce a list of results. Firstly, it determines which results are relevant – and then it ranks them according to the websites’ popularity.

A search engine’s main aim is to provide users with the best results in relation to their query. It’s all about user experience.

How do search engines rank websites?

Search engines such as Google take into account more than 200 rankings factors when it comes to deciding where a site should appear in a list of search results.

Using complex algorithms, they look at both onsite and offsite aspects to determine how relevant your website is, and also how popular it is (popularity indicates valuable information). They determine which sites are relevant, and then order them based on popularity.

How does SEO work?

Without delving into a 10,000 word essay, SEO works by optimizing a website so that it achieves a high search engine results page (SERP) ranking. It looks at onsite factors such as site structure, content and title tags, as well as offsite factors such as backlinks, citations and social media presence.

SEO agencies

SEO companies take a look at all of these factors (and more) when trying to improve their clients’ rankings for search engine optimization company. Most clients want ‘page one rankings’, and therefore a lot of agencies work on a ‘pay on performance’ basis. Any firm that offers pay on performance reviews its SEO strategy constantly. SEO in America is always changing, and therefore they need to keep up if they are to maintain or improve their clients’ rankings.

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Top Blog Sites Most Popular Blogs Quote

Most Popular Blogs – How Top Blog Sites Succeed

5 ways the most popular blogs keep their blog interesting

You might be thinking “How do I become one of the most popular blogs?” “How did top blog sites get to where they are today?” Now that you’ve created a blog and are looking to blogging, you also need to keep your blog interesting to get more visitors preferably repeat visitors. Let me tell you the 5 different ways in which you can create and keep up an interesting blog. Continue reading and find out whether your blog is interesting or not. And if not, just follow the tips to make your blog interesting!

Top blog sites Identify The Aim Of Blogging

The first step to keep your blog interesting is your objective behind blogging. Whether your aim is to share useful content or generate traffic, when you are clear about your goal, you will keep moving and work towards achieving success.

Blog content

A blog is interesting when it has never before written articles, sharing a good amount of information to its

Top Blog Sites Most Popular Blogs Content

readers. In other words, author takes the readers along with them. The ways in which you can ensure fresh content on your blog is by choosing an unique topic, hiring writers for your blog or allow guest posting.

Top blog sites start off by choosing a new topic. Writing on a new topic might be a difficult task as you will be first one to blog about it. However, you can try writing about new market trends and popular ideas yet to be discovered by people. You can prefer to hire a blog writer to contribute content to your blog when you think you won’t be able to write or you have some tasks to concentrate on. Guest posts can also help you get new content on the topics you want to be published on your blog.

Along with new topics, you also need to look into your previous posts and change them according to recent times. The most popular blogs know the importance of providing up-to-date information for there readers to read through.

Blog Content Includes The Following

Blog Niche

Keep in mind that when you are creating content for your blog, make sure you write within your niche to maximize your success. Top blog sites contribute their success to writing within their blog niche. Here are some examples of a blog niche topics. The most common blog niches include: Technology, Business, Travel or Social Media. If your blog is based on business, create and write topics related to business.Readers who belong to social media field shall visit your blog and might recommend their friends also to your blog. If you are looking to move to another niche like technology, then you need to create a new category or categories and add tags, so they can be found easily.

Blog Title

Top blog sites add a catchy blog title that creates a curiosity and ends in a click on the blog title to read your blog post.

Content Beyond Text

Separately from charts, images, text, diagrams, or charts in your blog content. Having visual pictures will also deliver comparable to a video and text, it will grab the attention of your readers to watch the video.


Archives on a blog helps readers to find your other best works.

Blog Design

Top Blog Sites Most Popular Blogs Content

In addition to time you spend creating great content for your blog, spend time on choosing a good design for your blog. Adding a poorly design blog will leave the readers searching for what they want. If you want your readers to check your blog every now and then make sure you select an attractive design that will present your blog in a professional manner. By installing and using WordPress, you can choose and add themes available on the dashboard itself. Look for a premium theme or a free theme that is compatible with your version of WordPress.

The Most Popular Blogs are Consistently Blogging

Keep posting on your blog regularly; let your blog be alive for people to keep checking on. Have a target number to be added per week. This way you will keep your regular visitors engaged thereby sharing your thoughts and opinion. If one of your article post relates to the topic you have posted before, refer your readers to the previous post by adding a link for view.


Communication With The Reader

Make sure you post articles keeping the interest of the readers. Top blog sites use the blog comments section effectively to interact with them, share your views and engage your audience. Respond to comments posted and answer to questions any asked by readers. If your reader has a blog, visit the blog and add comments on it. You will get exposed to the reader’s blog audience.

“The most popular blogs spread the word about the reader’s blog or website to others thereby creating a relationship.”Most Popular Blogs How Top Blog Sites

Add widgets on your blog like an opinion poll with options prompting the readers to vote and give their opinion. Feature the reader who actively participates in the discussion adding comments on your blog topics. This method will help getting more visitors to your blog as they have chance to get recognized. As social media is getting popular day by day, share them on Facebook or Twitter to invite a larger audience of blog authors.

Top blog sites make their blog interesting, define a writing style for themselves. Make sure your writing style creates an impression in the mind of the reader to keep visiting and bring in traffic by suggesting to others to visit your site. The most popular blogs follow these steps above, which allows them to stay the top blog sites in their niche. Remember that becoming one of the most popular blogs did NOT happen overnight. It will take time, so be patient and happy blogging!

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