Drive instant website Traffic From Facebook Do

Instant Website Traffic From Facebook

I’m sure you must be aware about several ways to get instant website traffic to your blog. Getting traffic from Facebook will require patience, some tricks and a lot of communication. I guess you would agree when I say that traffic from Facebook is of real quality as those visitors tend to stay longer on your blog (and even browse more on it).

In this article, I’m mostly talking about getting instant website traffic from Facebook to your blogs, and not your business site. Hence, Advertising doesn’t really play any role here as there’s hardly any blogger who advertises!

So without any further ado, let’s discuss how to get instant website traffic from Facebook.

The Dos To Drive instant website Traffic From Facebook

1) Make A Page, Expect ‘Likes’, Hope For Visitors (but assure quality)

Maybe that header was a bit confusing and didn’t land properly in your brain. So let me give it a simpler accent. What I meant above was that every blogger needs a Facebook Page for his/her blog, and not a personal page. Yes, you can have a personal page but that should be a separate one from the blog’s page. When I say, “Expect” likes, I mean it! Because buying ‘Likes’ for your Facebook page is simply a waste of time and a few bucks. A quick tip for the quality of the page – Keep it simple! Yes, the cover page, the profile picture, the description, the posts, in short everything – Just keep it simple and minimal.

2) Follow What Social Media Is Meant For

Social Media is not only meant to drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, it’s more than that! It’s for socializing, for communication, for learning, for sharing, for inspiring, for smiling and much more! So it’s your god damn right to let your friends know that you have a new post on your blog and you want them to check it out and leave their comments right there. I’m not asking you to do ONLY that, but if you’re engaging with your friends online often, you have a total right to share your posts personally with them and even ask them to share it, if they prefer!

3) Attractive Stuff Attracts (Duh!)

I believe you’ve already gotten half of part I’m going to explain. Simply put, you would like to read a post which attracts you in the first look. And the first look of the shared post (especially when you want to drive instant website traffic from Facebook) really plays a vital role.

Some of your posts might have an issue of not showing the post title/description/image or all. Something like in this image –

Instant Website Traffic From Facebook

This is something ugly and would not be preferred by any viewer. Hence, to overcome this, there’s a simple solution.


The Don’ts To Drive instant website Traffic From Facebook

1) Avoid being so selfish

Don’t show up on a group, especially in your niche, only when you have a new post! Be active in the group by helping others or at least communicating with them. The group is made for a reason, so give that reason priority.

2) Don’t spam Facebook, please!

Simply put, don’t put your irrelevant links into comments!

If done effectively, Facebook can be one of your top sources of traffic! All you need is dedication. That’s not only to drive instant website traffic from Facebook, but to be successful at anything.

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