Home Based Business Opportunities Keeping Costs Down

Home Based Business Opportunities – Keeping Costs Down

You’ll hear these common excuses as the reason why people bypass home based business opportunities. That home based business opportunities require a lot of capital, or raising a family is also a popular excuse. Instead of investing their money on businesses, they’d rather save it in banks for the future of their children. However, do you know that you can start a home based business for as little as $1,000? It is possible! You just have to allocate your funds properly and plan each step that you are going to take.Home Based Business Opportunities Reducing COsts

5 Ways To Keep Costs Down When Starting Home Based Business Opportunities

1. Opt for Premium WordPress themes – Let’s face it, hiring a professional web designer for your website can be quite expensive. A personalized theme can cost an average of $700 and above depending on your requests and special instruction. If you want to save substantial amounts of money, it is highly suggested to buy frameworks such as Thesis, Genesis, or Headway. Thesis and Genesis offer professional-looking skins or child themes. On the other hand, headway is particularly easy to customize because of its drag and drop feature. You can do it by yourself even without knowledge of coding and PHP. Cost: Less than $200.00

2. Take advantage of Fiverr – You don’t have to hire a big company to make a logo for your business. Just hire freelancers in Fiverr. Pay $5 for each task that you want them to accomplish. They can design company logo, website header, banner, etc. Don’t forget to ask the designer to send you the images in high and low resolution. Cost: more or less $15.00

“most Home Based Business Opportunities should be taking advantage of fiverr. this allows you to free up your time by not having to learn different skills.”

3. Do-it-yourself – Consider to perform tasks that you can do on your own. If you have the skills in writing, Home Based Business Opportunitiesdon’t hesitate to write your own sales page. It will only take a few hours, in some cases, it can be finished in less than 20 minutes. This is just a little effort and it’s more practical than paying a copywriter hundreds of dollars for a simple job. Cost: $0.00

4. Establish connections – This is the virtual age. Now, entrepreneurs don’t leave their business cards and contact information in coffee shops and public areas in the hope of finding a new client. They use Twitter and Facebook. Google+ is also a good option. The more friends and followers you have, the easier it will be for you to promote your business. Don’t forget to create an account in LinkedIn as this the place where professionals from all over the world find each other. Cost: $0.00

5. Use free software and apps – You don’t always need to purchase licensed software such as Adobe Photoshop and Camtasia. Although these products are amazing, there are free alternatives available. For example, you can use Picnic for simple photo editing tasks. This is absolutely free and easy to use too. Cost: $0.00

Total cost: $215

Whatever type of home based business opportunities you are planning to establish, you can always find a way to avoid overspending. Remember that being an entrepreneur means making money from scratch so don’t expect your company to succeed in the first few months. Continue on working hard and see your sales gradually increase. Related Article: Most Popular Blogs – How Top Blog Sites Succeed

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