Social Media For Businesses

Social Media For Businesses

In 2019, social media is about far more than just keeping in touch with friends or making sure you gain an invite to that big party on the week. These days, social media is a very important – not to mention easily accessible – marketing tool for businesses from a wide range of industries.

In recent times, it has become apparent that social media marketing is more affordable and more effective than some of the more traditional marketing methods – such as television, print and radio adverts. As the demand increases, a greater number of online marketing companies are starting up; most of these agencies offer social media management as a service. While some businesses opt to manage their own campaigns, others hire a social marketing agency to do it for them – for example, they might hire a company that offers professional Facebook management. Generally, professional social media services are quite affordable, save time, and make it easier for those who aren’t all that familiar with how social media works.

The Benefits With Social Media

There are a number of benefits to running a social media marketing campaign, such as:Benefits Risks with social media

  • Broad reach – It’s possible to reach a local audience, as well as people halfway around the world.
  • Easy to target a specific audience – Social media platforms hold a lot of information about their users, making it easy for businesses to locate and target a very specific audience.
  • Affordable – Setting up profiles on social media sites are normally free. The only costs involved surround hiring a marketing company to do it for you. For example, if you hire a LinkedIn management company, you may have to pay a set monthly fee to cover management costs.
  • Quick and easy – If you do choose to manage your own social media marketing, the good news is it is fast and you really don’t need to be a computer or marketing whiz to figure it out.
  • Build your brand – Social media makes it easy to connect with both current and future clients on a personal level, building your brand image and boosting consumer confidence in the process.

The Risks With Social Media

The risks are relatively low when it comes to social media marketing, however there are a couple of points to consider:

  • Wasted time and money – As with any marketing venture, there is a chance that your efforts may not deliver a good ROI. Social media marketing is no exception, however the amount of time and money you could waste is considerably lower than with other marketing ventures.
  • Information spreads fast – And it’s not limited to good information. Whether you’ve accidentally posted something you probably shouldn’t have, or it’s a negative review from a disgruntled customer, there’s a chance it’ll spread like wildfire.
  • Legal implications – It’s possible to fall victim to legal issues if you fail to understand the laws surrounding spam, privacy information and other online issues.

Social Media Platforms

There are a number of social media platforms to choose from, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Customer review sites
  • Coupon sites

Different sites suit different business needs, so it’s best to do your research before deciding which platforms to target.


Social media marketing is an effective way to boost your business’s brand image and better connect with consumers. Whether you’re considering managing your own social media accounts, or are looking to hire an agency that can do it for you, do your research. It pays to understand social media before jumping in the deep end!

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8 Steps To Start A Successful Home Business

8 Steps To Start A Successful Home Business

A lot of people dream of starting a home business. This is especially true for mothers who have toddlers to take care of. Instead of hiring a nanny to help manage the kids, working at home is a better option.

These are the basic steps to make your home business work

1. Identify why you want to invest in this particular kind of entrepreneurial venture- There must be a Home Business Investinggood reason why you are willing to invest you savings for this. You might want to augment your family’s income. Or, you might be thinking of changing the world for the better. There a hundred of possible reasons but the opportunity to earn profits shouldn’t be your primary motivation. You must also have the passion and the love for it. Otherwise, you will easily give up in case something went wrong.

2. Determine whether it is right for you- You can’t simply select any kind of business that comes your mind. Consider your work experience, skills, personality, life style, passions, your immediate family members, and of course, your starting capital. For instance, selling antique furniture is a brilliant idea. But then, you have to ask yourself if vintage stuff is something that suits your personality. Another consideration to think of is the fact that this may require a large amount of capital.

3. Seek family support- Since this is going to be a home business, it is important that all family members have full support for your plans. The husband and children should understand exactly how the new business is going to affect your life as a family. Explain that although you want your venture to succeed, your partner and kids will always be on top of your priorities.

4. Organize your calendar- Take note that your business should not, in any way, steal your time for your family. Arrange a schedule for everything with the highest priority for your loved ones. For example, you may work on your products or services during weekdays then spend time with kids and husband on weekends.

5. Stick with your schedule- The thing about having your own home business is that you tend to forget about time. Initially, you’d start to feel like you own your time. But in truth, you need to keep track of your activities to ensure that none of your time is wasted. So, if you used to wake up at 7AM when you are still an office woman, you might need to wake up an hour earlier now that you are a businesswoman.home business manage your finances

6. Manage your finances- You can’t keep your revenues all for yourself. First, you will have to pay your taxes at the end of the year. Second, a percentage of your earnings should be allotted for emergency expenses while operating the business. Third, business is 80% marketing so they say. This means that advertising expenditures are going to be a staple in your monthly budget.

7. Take care of your health- This may sound off topic but working too much is not good for your health as well as for your home business. If you ever get ill, your transactions will also be affected. You might not be able to deliver within the promised date and consequently, this might leave a negative impression from your clients.

8. So take a break- Every once in while, it’s good to rest and just relax. Don’t worry. There is no need to fly to some tropical island to free your mind from all the stresses that a business could offer. You can simply read a book, invite your spouse to a nice dinner, or spend a few hours with the children in a nearby park.

Remember with a home business it takes time and patients. Stay motivated and good luck!

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